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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible for coverage ?

  • What are the documents required for policy inception? (Please refer to APPENDIX for more information.)

    1. ASCP Application form (download)
    2. Letter of Authorization (download sample)
    3. Original Color copy IC of all Authorized persons in item no. 2
    4. Company Form 9,13 (If any), 24, 44 and 49 & Memorandum and Addendum
    5. E-payment form (download)
    6. Copy of client bank statement showing bank name, account holder name and account number
    7. Members Listing in Excel file for policy issuance (download sample)
    8. Personal Health Declaration Form (if any); (download)
  • Who are required to complete the Personal Health Declaration Form?

    Only employees who are:

    • aged 65 years old and above; or
    • applied for Additional Critical Illness (except Plan 5 & Plan 6) are required to complete the Personal Health Declaration Form and subject to underwriting.
  • What are the premium payment options?

    Premium payment options for the following insurance plans include Group Hospital and Surgical, Death and Disability, and Outpatient Clinical. Please note that only the 'Annual' mode of payment is allowed.

    For payment, use the following details:
    Account number: 448500611001

    Additionally, for the Add-on program, payments should be made to the authorized insurance agency:
    Name: Pathlab Health Management (M) Sdn. Bhd.
    Maybank (MBB) account no.: 514 178 430 725
    Public Bank (PBB) account no.: 311 966 1229

  • Is “Cash Before Cover” applicable?

    “Cash Before Cover” is applicable for policies with annual premium of less than RM10,000 excluding stamp duty and service tax. “Cash Before Cover” means that the premiums must be paid before the insurance policy can be issued.

  • What is the minimum premium required per policy?

    A minimum premium of RM2,000 excluding stamp duty and service tax is required to incept a new policy

  • To whom will my Certificate of Insurance pay in the event of death?

    The benefits will be paid to whom you have nominated as your beneficiaries. For Total and Permanent Disability claim or Accelerating Critical Illness claim, the benefits will be payable to you.

  • Will my insurance coverage terminate if I’m no longer a community of MetaFin ?

    Yes, the insurance coverage will only continue to remain inforce until the next premium due date and shall cease thereafter.

  • Will my insurance coverage terminate if the master policy has been terminated?

    Yes, if the master policy has been terminated, the insurance coverage will only continue to remain inforce until the next premium due date and shall cease thereafter.

  • If my Certificate of Insurance is terminated 30 days after non-payment of premium (lapsed), can I revive my policy?

    No, reinstatement of a lapsed policy is not allowed. Therefore, it is important that you pay yourpremium on time.

Disclaimer: MetaFin users have the option to directly self-sign up for the Group Medical Insurance in the MetaFin DIY Digital Platform. This program is underwritten by Allianz Malaysia Berhad, and the enrollment process is facilitated by authorized insurance agency MediSavers Management Sdn. Bhd. The information herein may not fully reflect the context of the product disclosure sheet and full terms of the policy. Please refer to the documents for a detailed description of the product's features and the conditions under which any claims are made. MetaFin is not liable for misinterpretation of product benefits and claim conditions as described in the policy wording sheet and product disclosure sheet.

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