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Group Multiple Benefits Insurance Scheme (GMBIS)

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Coverage provided under this scheme

Underwritten by:
RM30 Premium / month
Sum Assured
45 critical illnesses RM30,000
Death (natural cause / illness) RM30,000
Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) due to illness RM30,000
Accidental death RM60,000
Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) due to accident RM60,000
Daily hospital cash allowance up to 500 days per life RM30/day
Funeral expenses RM5,000
Total Investment Value (TIV) Based on Net Asset Value (NAV)

Discover Our 8 Great Benefits

RM60,000 coverage for RM1/day or RM30/month

Up to RM30 daily hospitalization income for up to 500 days per life

Portable & continuous coverage until retirement

Covers 45 critical illnesses with 2X payout for personal accident

Protection until 65 years next birthday

Extendable coverage to cover spouse and children

Same price for all ages

Flexible partial cash withdrawal by redemption of units for emergency

The maximum limit for withdrawal is 80% of the total investment value, subject to a minimum of RM200.

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Who Does This Benefit?

  • My Legal Spouse & I: Age 19 – 60 years next birthday
  • My Children: 30 days old – 19 or 23 years next birthday (full-time student)
  • My Families: Who are looking for an affordable investment linked insurance plan

Discover our Great Investment Scheme

What is Dana Gemilang?

A fund where 80% to 100% of the investments are in equities. This fund seeks to achieve medium to long-term capital appreciation. Although the fund invests mainly in Malaysia (50% to 100%), it may also partially invest in companies that have significant business operations in Singapore (up to 25%) and Greater China (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) (up to 25%), if and when necessary, to enhance the fund’s returns. The fund only invests in Shariah-approved securities.


What is the potential return?

End of Policy Year
Total Contribution
Non - Guaranteed
Projected Investment Return of Fund: Y% Projected Investment Return of Fund: X%
5% 2%
Cash Value Death Benefit Cash Value Death Benefit

























  • i) Projected investment return based on basic premium only.
  • ii) Dana Gemilang fund is invested in Shariah-approved securities.
  • iii) Maturity Benefits projection is not guaranteed. The actual benefits payable will depend on the actual of group performances of the underlying assets of the Unit Funds over time.


1. The Intermediary Commission amounts to 10% of premium charges while the Service fee amounts to 2% of premium charges.

2. Free-look period - you may terminate the plan by returning the Certificate of Assurance to the Company by hand or registered post within fifteen (15) days after your receipt of the same. If the plan is terminated during this period, the Company shall refund an amount equal to the sum of,

  • a. total investment values of the Certificate of Assurance,
  • b. the investment values of the units which have been cancelled to pay for insurance charges and policy fees based on Net Asset Value at the Next Valuation Date, and
  • c. the amount of premiums that have not been allocated to purchase units;
  • d. minus the expenses incurred for medical examination, if any.

Details Breakdown

Type of Plan (Sum Assured) PART A: Benefits (RM) PART B: Monthly Premium (RM) PART C: *Intermediary's Commission PART D: *Service Fee
45 Covered Event Death or TPD due to Illness Death or TPD due to accidental cause (Additional Payment) Funeral Expenses Total Investment Value (TIV) Hospitalisation Benefit (per night stay) Rate (%) Monthly Amount (RM) Rate (%) Monthly Amount (RM)






Based on the Net Asset Value








Notes: Your plan will terminate upon occurrence of Death or TPD or any one of the 45 Covered Events (except for Angioplasty and other invasive treatments for coronary artery disease) or 100% claim of the sum assured on the Personal Accident Benefit, whichever occurs first.

Underwritten By:

Great Eastern Life Assurance (Malaysia) Berhad

Product Available in The Market:

37 Years

As of Today More Than

Policyholders enrolled in GMBIS

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this policy include coverage for medical and treatment expenses in hospital?

    No, this policy is not a medical card hence the customer will not be covered for medical and hospital treatments. However, there is a hospitalization benefit (hospital income) included under this policy whereby the customer may claim RM30 daily hospital cash allowance for up to 500 days per lifetime.

  • I have an existing insurance policy with GELM or other insurers. Should I sign up for this policy, can I submit claim for both?

    The payout for the coverage will be payable as long as the claim submitted meets the definition of the covered events included in this policy.

  • Will the company pay the full death benefit if the customer commits suicide?

    The company will pay full death benefit due to suicide occurring after twelve(12) months from the commencement of the assurance. The policy does not cover for suicide within (12) months from the commencement of the assurance.

  • When do policyholders receive total premium for pre-existing conditions, and are there exceptions for hospitalization income under the Master Policy Contract?

    Policyholders will receive a total sum of their premium contribution for all claims(pre-existing conditions) received within 2 years from the policy in-force date. No other claim amount will be payable except for the hospitalization income benefit(non pre-existing conditions) which is payable in accordance to the Master Policy Contract. This will be effective with immediate effect and applicable for all policyholders.

  • If I am diagnosed with heart attack within 61 – 180 days from the date of policy in-forced, will I be entitled to claim?

    The customer will be entitled to claim a maximum of 50% of the coverage due to the waiting period imposed.

  • After I withdrew the investment value in my plan, will I still be entitled to the insurance coverage?

    Yes, the customer will still be covered under the insurance plan even though the withdrawal is activated. However, this is not encouraged as it may affect the overall investment value of the scheme.

  • The customer is a contractor. If the customer loose an arm due to an accident which resulted in him being unable to work, how much would he/she be covered for?

    The customer will be entitled to claim a maximum of RM60,000 under the Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) benefit.

  • How much investment % will the customer be entitled for?

    The investment value is based on the performance of the fund. As an average, customer can expect 40 – 50% returns of the premium contribution as their investment returns. Subject to T&Cs.

  • Will I get guaranteed returns under this policy?

    No. This investment-linked insurance plan offers investment returns in which the returns are subjected to the performance of the fund.

  • Is this policy eligible for tax deduction?

    Yes. GMBIS is eligible for tax deduction (under the life/medical insurance portion).

Where Can I Get Further Information?

Should you require additional information about investment-linked insurance and medical and health insurance, please refer to or your Policyholder or your official servicing intermediary, the contact details of which can be found in the sales brochure, or contact us at:


(Licensed under the Financial Services Act 2013 and is regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia)

Head Office : Menara Great Eastern, 303, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : (603) 48133818
E-mail :
Website :
Customer portal :

OR contact the servicing intermediary at:

Quantum Secure Sdn. Bhd.
Head Office : A1201, Pusat Dagangan Phileo Damansara II, 46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Email :
Website :

The product is a life insurance plan underwritten by Great Eastern Life Assurance (Malaysia) Berhad and Quantum Secure Sdn Bhd is the distributor of the product.

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Important Documents

Disclaimer: MetaFin users have the option to directly self-sign up for the Great Multi Protect Program in the MetaFin DIY Digital Platform. This program is underwritten by Great Eastern Life Assurance (Malaysia) Berhad , and the enrollment process is facilitated by authorized insurance agency, Quantum Secure Sdn. Bhd. The information herein may not fully reflect the context of the product disclosure sheet and full terms of the policy. Please refer to the documents for a detailed description of the product's features and the conditions under which any claims are made. MetaFin is not liable for misinterpretation of product benefits and claim conditions as described in the policy wording sheet and product disclosure sheet.

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